The return of the circular economy

InThe concept of circular economy is gaining relevance in recent times, as the society starts to recognize its economic, environmental, and social impacts. This change in mentality in allowing to improve efficiencies, de-risk value chains, reduce pressure on natural systems, and drive innovation.  All these benefits translate into higher profitability, lower costs, and more responsible business practices.

In a linear economy (take – make – waste) the resources are extracted, processed, and assembled into products which are later disposed of at end of its life. The new circular economy purposes that the complete life-cycle of a product is designed before its conception, promoting the use of materials, the maintenance or increase of resource stocks and ensuring that the products that reach their End-of-Life (EoL) are kept within the economy for as long as possible.

The concept goes much further than reducing waste. It is a new way of thinking and implies the redesign of entire value chains, an assessment of inefficiencies and the integration of innovation. Therefore, it is an important driver to a more sustainable future.

The range of successful circular economy proposals goes from using old printer cartridges to build roads and Ikea selling second-hand furniture in their stores. In Boutique Exotics, we also feature some examples, such as our engraved paintings on recycled wood and crafts made from coconut shell. Follow us to keep learning more about this fascinating trend.