Meet us

Our Story

Exotics was born in August 2020, when some of the hardest-hit communities in Latin America were left without any income due to the absence of tourism. In the meantime, we have evolved to fulfill some of the needs of the nostalgic and ethnic markets.

We support businesses to capture the value of their resources, promote decent work, fair and ethical trade as well as environmental protection, as they are the best solutions to poverty and means to achieve sustainable development. 

To our customers, we provide a first-hand experience about the people involved in the creation and production of the goods we sale. At the same time, we raise awareness on some of the current challenges faced by the society in the destination markets. We present a transparent and sustainable alternative to purchasing decisions and promote conscious consumption.

Our Mission

We strive to have a positive impact on both sides of the marketplace. We practice sustainable trade and promote conscious consumption, empowering suppliers and consumers to be part of the change in the global economy.

Our Values

We take our company’s social and environmental impact very seriously. Our vales are:

  • Transparency: We are radically transparent - we build a direct bridge between the products’ creators and the consumers and proudly disclose the products' origin.
  • Sustainability: We promote sustainable trade and conscious consumption - we act sensitively with the highest standards of integrity, social and environmental responsibility .
  • Innovation: We collaborate with some of the most talented and innovative creators in Latin America, to showcase high-quality and durable goods.

Our Commitment

We give back. For every 1  that you spend with us, 1 cent goes to support these social and environmental initiatives:

  •  VERDIAZUL is an organisation that has been protecting the natural coastal environment in Costa Rica for 15 years. Their amazing efforts promote mitigation and adaption to climate change, the protection of sea turtles, the dispose of solid waste, environmental awareness, and go hand in hand with the community and local development. Read more.
  • EARTH University: has been preparing young people from Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa to contribute to the sustainable development of their home communities, while constructing a prosperous and just global society during the last 30 years. EARTH offers a world-class scientific and technological education emphasizing ethical entrepreneurship and strong socio-environmental commitment. Shepherded by a prestigious international faculty, an EARTH education culminates in a four-year undergraduate degree in Agricultural Sciences. Read more.  

Our logo

The bright colours of our logo seek to represent the mosaic and richness of different cultures in Latin America, while the leaves symbolise the positive impact and harmony with people and nature.

 Meet the people behind

Gabriela Centeno, Founder and Managing Director
As a Costa Rican born who studied sustainable agriculture, 
Gabriela has always been conscious of social, economic and environmental sustainability. She has 16 years of professional experience in sustainable development and international trade after working with several companies in different countries of Europe and Latin America. Gabriela is also mother of two children and in her spare time, she loves to travel, learn languages and build bridges between cultures.
    Eduardo Cuevas, Director of Producciones Cuevas

    Most of our product pictures have been taken by Eduardo. He is never satisfied with a picture, unless it is absolutely perfect. Eduardo has 8 years of experience in documentary, portrait and product photography. When he is not working, he is in nature walking with his dogs or donating his time and creativity for good causes. Follow him in Instagram (eduardo.cuevas).

    Álvaro Núñez, Creative Director of Autóctono Costa Rica
    Autóctono is a Costa Rican brand combines the work and ancestral knowledge of indigenous women with modern designs, for the joint creation of high-quality, 
    handmade articles, mixing tradition with new techniques and materials. Through a line of innovative products, we promote respect, rescue and encounter with the identity and cultural heritage of the native peoples, creating work opportunities to improve the standard of living and sustainable development of these communities.
      Eugenia Sánchez, Commercial Manager, Co-founder and true coffee lover at el GUSTO FOODS 

      El GUSTO FOODS, a company based in Costa Rica, focused on the best  roasted coffee beans and cocoa powder harvested and processed in a single origin and directly from the source. Eugenia is an enthusiastic businesswoman who bets for innovative products that gives the final customer different experiences through what are considered "traditional" products. Proud of being a Costa Rican brand El Gusto foods inspires its packaging designs on the Costa Rican biodiversity and the natural wealth of its ecosystems. In El Gusto Foods, we bring the spirit, passion, and knowledge of Costa Rican coffee to you…  From our plantation to your hands!

      Giorgiana and Miloika Penon, Founders and Directors of OKRE Gifts 
      Giogiana y Miloika Penon are sisters and artisans whose work focuses on showing the beauty found in nature. At a young age, Giorgiana created sculptures with driftwood she found on Costa Rican beaches. "In 1999, my grandmother inspired me to go to college, where I studied industrial design. It was wonderful to develop my design skills and explore new ideas," she says. "Miloika joined me in this project and fell in love with it. We've formed a wonderful team with the artisans and we're growing together. This project is a solid one that has helped many people in the community. By introducing modern, utilitarian designs, OKRE's goals continue to grow and the artisans are becoming increasingly known.
        Leticia Vásquez, Coordination and Cultural Management Casa Museo, Museo Islita
        Islita Museum is an open-air collection of contemporary art within the center of 
        the town of Punta Islita. This groundbreaking initiative pairs leading Costa Rican and international contemporary artists with emerging talent from local communities. The Museum provides continuous support to Guanarte, the collective of five local artist groups consisting of nearly 60 artists (mostly women): Papaturras, Cantarrias, PintArte (previously the Young Artists), BosqueMar, and Matrices. For more information visit:

            Stephanie Monterrosa, Director Ojalá Ediciones

            Ojalá Ediciones was still a family business when Stephanie arrived by chance in 2014. But then, it became her passion. The publishing house has been like a gateway to a world that she imagined but had yet to know, and she fell in love with. Beforehand, Stephanie had no idea of the many incredible things that take place in the natural world. Nowadays, she doesn't stop learning. What she likes the most about her work is the opportunity to give free rein to curiosity, to explore the history and the corners of the country, and to meet so many people along the process.

            Daniel Arguedas, Director of Verdiazul 
            Daniel has been taking care of the administration of Verdiazul from the very beginning. When he is not working he is representing the country in different sport selections (rafting, triathlon, adventure sports). This has allowed him to visit many wonderful places and awakened a love for nature and the importance of conserving and protecting it. He hope his children's eyes will also be able to see what he has seen.
              Valerie Gutrie, Lead Biologist at Verdiazul
              Valerie is the technical expert in the Verdiazul. She fall in love with nature when she was a child. All that passion led her to study biology and the environmental education gave her a successful tool to fight every day for a better world for new generations.